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Monday, June 6, 2011


Sometimes I wonder about myself.  I sure do get a good laugh at myself with the odd things I do.  I got an early start in the backyard in order to beat the heat.  Just look how nice my box garden fence looks.  Nice and fairly even.  This is where I planned my cucumbers to grow and climb.  I was giving myself a pat on the back for finishing before the heat of the day started.  When suddenly, DUH, what in the world was I thinking?    The fence is in the wrong place.  So I took it all apart to move it where it should be.  All that work, looking so nice, and it was all wrong.

Ok, I finally got the fence taken apart and the posts moved.  By then it was starting to get pretty hot outside and we are in an ozone alert.  I really had to just stop.  I have a hard time breathing on days like this.   One post on the end is leaning because the fencing is... DUH... too short for the new placement.  Nothing seems to go exactly as planned for me. Giggle, giggle.  The only thing I can do is laugh; otherwise, I'd be crying all the time.   I'll move the one post tomorrow morning. 

So what difference does it make where the fence is placed?  Well, I can only reach 2 feet so the plant has to be accessible at no more than 2 feet from all sides.  You are not supposed to walk inside a box garden.  What was I thinking when I placed the fence the first time?  The boxes were originally going to be 2' x 8' with a fence on the side.  I changed my mind right before these were built and had them made into 4' x 8' for more growing space.  When I looked at my garden plans it was still drawn for the 2' width.  I didn't think about it, just did it.  I've been laughing at my dumb mistake all day. 

I did pick some cherries before I started on the garden.  I picked 2 quarts and decided to dehydrate them.  I measured out 2 cups for each tray.  This is the amount I would use in a small, one person, pie.  It's easier to do the measuring before dehydrating.  It's hard to judge how many dried cherries make 2 cups because they get so small.  I plan to vacuum pack these in 2 cup portions.  I should get at least 2 quarts a day for about a week. 

What the heck is this?  I don't have a clue.  It's brown black very dark and hairy looking.  Looks as if it's growing from the wood on the front porch.  Hmm... looks kind of like a moldy caterpillar stuck to the house. 

Here's a close up.  Any closer and it gets blurry.  I've never seen anything like it before.  I was going to spray it with bleach but decided to watch it for a few days to see if it changes.  My curiosity about it wants me to let it be for now.  I hope it doesn't turn into some poisonous something ready to bite me.

Despite all the DUH moments with my garden, I'm loving it.  I get pretty sore from using muscles I forgot I had.  I believe it's all good for me.  I get exercise and I'm outdoors instead of spending hours and hours at a quilting machine.  Fresh air.... even early morning ozone filled fresh air... is good for me.  After the initial hard work of creating my box gardens the work won't be so difficult anymore.  I can enjoy just planting and watching it grow.  Then, of course, eating all those fresh foods. 

I know there are readers who come to this blog for quilting tips and I'm sorry I've not posted many of those lately.  I'll be doing more of those later.  For now, I want to see to my health first.  Spring and summer are times for being outdoors.  Quilting is for colder days.  Ok, my internet time is up.  I've set myself a limit of time each day.  Work does not get done if I'm sitting at a computer for hours and hours.

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Joan J said...

I think your moldy caterpillar may actually be a cocoon. My grandson and I just watched 5 caterpillars spin their cocoons and, 5 days later, emerge as butterflies and it was wonderful to watch.

I am envious of your box garden. I have a very large (75 x 30) vegetable garden and this year I've decided it's just too big for me to take care of anymore. I've been trying to convince my husband a few, smaller box gardens would be easier on my back than trying to keep up with the large one. We'll see!