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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Quilt finish

Thank you everyone for letting me know my post was finally visible. 

This quilt is a Thimbleberries kit.  The owner brought me the quilting instructions from the kit; but, after reading them I talked with the owner and explained  it called for large meander over the whole quilt except for the green border. I knew she wouldn't want it that way.  She agreed it needed more.

It has printed applique fabric in the center.  I did stitch in the ditch with mono thread around all the printed applique.

I did a leaf and curl on the triangles.

I did a vine leaf design on the green inside border like what was in the instructions.

I did medium size meander around all the printed applique to make it stand out more.  I did a leaf design on the corner squares.  In the kit instructions the corner squares had only an X quilted on them.

Here's a close up of the center panel.

What made this quilt a little difficult to quilt was the backing.  It's pieced.  Luckily this lady did her backing correctly.  If she hadn't it would have been really hard to keep tucks out of the back.

Here is a look at the stitching from the back.  The straight lines are from the stitch in the ditch around the borders on the front.  The outlining of the faux applique too.

In some areas I used a light color thread and in other areas I used dark thread.  The leaf design on the triangles in the dark area don't show up very well.  Neither does the background meandering or the leaf design on the green border.

Here is the design on one inside border.  A simple leaf vine.

This is the outside border.  I did a feather design because the owner really likes feathers on her quilts.

This was supposed to be the next quilt on the machine.  As you can see, after some stabilizing the problem of a friendly border showed up. 

This is the other side after I did stitch in the ditch.  Same problem on this side.

The beginning of the friendly border actually starts in this area. 

I called the owner because I wanted her to know about the friendly border.  She decided to take it home to fix the problem so I picked out the stitching I had done.  When she arrived to pick it up I gave her some quick lessons on how to avoid friendly borders.  She'll bring it back when she'd done it over.

I've been really busy working in my backyard lately.  When it gets too hot outside, I work indoors.  Done quite a bit of getting rid of things.  My body is telling me almost everyday that I can't do the things I did when I was young.  It's worth all the aches and pains though.  I want a simpler life which means clearing out a lot of the clutter. 

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Anonymous said...

"Luckily this lady did her backing correctly", what did she do that kept the tucks out of the back? Glad to have you back. I've noticed a lot of bloggers having problems lately. Enjoy your week! N