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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Still here

Thank you to those who offered suggestions to help with the computer problems.  For the moment I'm still able to get into my blogs.  I've started using Google Chrome but I still have problems.   Sending and receiving mail is not working right.   I'll work with this until I get more time to look into Firefox.  

On a brighter note, my Morning Glory vines were born yesterday.  Aren't they the cutest little things?  The rain helped.  Once these come up they start growing like crazy because they are classified as a flowering weed.  We all know weeds do grow very fast.  I want them to completely cover the front porch.

I have to set priorities this week no matter what I'd rather be doing.  Garden work will have to wait.  Computer work will have to wait.  Cooking will be switched to pre-made frozen stuff I put in the freezer for just this reason.  What reason?  Well, there is this quilt I said I'd have ready by Father's Day.  Normally I could have one this size finished in a couple of days.

When I was ready to put it on the machine I noticed the top is a D cup.  When will I ever learn to check on these before the owner leaves?  It's going to take some concentration and extra time to get it quilted.  Then I will bind it and put a hanging sleeve on it in time for the owner to pick up by Friday afternoon.  

I will keep photos of this one to use as a tutorial on how to handle a D cup top.  My readers may be growing tired of all the garden posts and ready for some quilting.  I sure hope my plants don't die before I get them planted.  


Margaret Bucklew said...

Ok, to those of us in the dark about a D cup...please enlighten us. Perhaps I'm the only one, but would love to hear the explanation. Thanks, Margaret

Katie said...

I was really unhappy with the newest version of Firefox (4). So I've gone back to version 3. Much better! :-)