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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finally some plants

Ok, I straightened the fence post and started fixing the fencing to the posts.  I'm using twist ties that come inside boxes of garbage bags.  I have a ton of those since I don't use them on the garbage bags.  I planted two tomato plants on one side of the fence and 6 cucumber plants on the other side.  As these grow I will attach them to the fence to grow up instead of out. 

I still have plants that need to go into the ground right away but I think I'll wait one more day.   The heat is brutal and the pollution is pretty bad. 

The side garden is doing fairly well.  Not growing as fast I think it should but it may be because of the heat so soon after cool, wet, weather for several days.   I've heard that some people have green tomatoes already.  I plan to put the fencing along here in a couple of days. 

The side yard garden box was made last year so all the work was already done.  No digging required for this year.  Simply loosen up the dirt a bit with a rake and plant it.  Love that it's so easy once the beds are created!  I can hardly wait until I've got the other boxes made as well.  Next year the garden work should be a breeze to do.  If I can get someone to share their heirloom seeds with me then I plan to start some seeds indoors instead of purchasing plants from the hardware for next year.

A younger person could have done all this work in one afternoon but for an older person like me.... it takes days and days to get done.  I would love to have a volunteer help me for just a couple of hours but no one in this neighborhood volunteers to help the neighbors for anything.  Even asking a couple of guys to simply hammer the posts intothe ground fell on deaf ears.  I emailed a couple of local garden groups to see if they had anyone willing to help me for a couple of hours.  That's not going to happen either.  So... it's all up to me, even if it takes me days and days to do. 

I keep telling myself, "Keep your eyes on the finish Anita, it will be worth all the work."  I have to keep thinking about the rising costs of food at the store.  Even for a bargain hunter like me it's hard to pay higher and higher prices at the store.  All the natural disasters all over the country are going to affect the cost of foods later this year.  Just look at how many crops may have been destroyed by fires and floods in the last couple of months.  Now the record breaking heat and dry weather may be killing other crops too. 

I'm doing what I can to prepare for a hard winter.... even if it's only the small amount a little old lady can do by herself.  Umm.... will anyone have extra seeds this fall they would be willing to share with me?

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