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Friday, January 28, 2011

Life is never dull

I'm the neighborhood Nanny because I'm the one person who rarely leaves home.  I take in kids getting off the school bus when parents are late getting home.  I accept packages from UPS and USPS when no one is home to accept it.  I go feed fur kids when someones away on a trip.  I get phone calls in the middle of the night when someones house alarm is going off so I can go turn it off.  It happened last night at 2:30 am.  A neighbor's alarm was going off and the alarm company asked me if I would go turn it off or should they call the police?  Aww, come on now, use some common sense.  You're the alarm company, what are you supposed to do?  I'm not about to go see if a burglar is in that house by myself!  Hmm... maybe I can scare the crap out of them....  the way I look when awaken from a good dream..... with a scowl on my face, hair a mess, in raggedy pjs, big puffy coat, fuzzy slippers, and carrying a rotary ruler to smack a burglar with.  Ya think that would work? 

On a different note....

A couple of days ago Ladybug wanted to show NaNa her tooth gap.  This is not normal.  Her teeth are normally straight and even.  She has a bad habit of a thumb or finger constantly in her mouth.  It was so bad she was causing the skin to come off.  Not just her thumb but all of her fingers.  When one got too sore she switched to another.  Well the Mommie had the dentist put in a device to stop the habit.  It was tightened up twice a day until there was a gap in the teeth. 

It looks like this.  It's designed to make it very uncomfortable to have a finger in the mouth.  The device remains there until the habit is broken.  The Mommie was told it might take 3 to 6 months to break the habit.  Then it can be removed and the teeth will go back to normal.  Ladybug keeps saying.... take it out NaNa.  She looks so pitiful.  Now she's figured out she can put a finger into the side of her mouth next to her cheek instead of the center. 

A couple of days ago a package was delivered to my house.  I thought it was for a neighbor until I looked at the mailing label to see who.  It was for me.  Hmm.... I wasn't expecting anything.  Well, just look who came to live with me.  Isn't he cute?  He's a pin cushion.  A customer in SC sent it to me. 

It looks like it was made from a vintage embroidery and crochet piece.  It's one of a kind and is signed.   

I have the current quilt stabilized and ready to start quilting today.  The police figured out the burglar alarm went off for no apparent reason and has been reset.  I down loaded the ebook for my online class and got the right software updates I need.  Today I'll read through the book a little to get familiar with what I'll be learning.   I'm going to do as suggested and make lots of notes I can refer back to if I need it.  Margaret also told me she has a policy that once a person takes the class they are welcome to come back for a refresher course anytime at no charge.  It's right there on her blog and I missed it somehow.  If I get some free time this weekend I'll go check out her free quilting patterns on her other site. 

Time to get my day started.  Make bread first.


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Hmmmmm, your burglar busting get-up sounds quite....unique....scary...funny? I'm glad you didn't go over there. That's a job for the paid security professionals not good-hearted neighbors.

Anita Estes said...

giggle.... Imagine, if you would, a little old lady chasing a burglar with an umbrella or a purse. That would be me with a rotary ruler as a weapon.

My neighbor changed alarm companies today which is only right since the one she had wasn't worth a hoot. Whoever the person was that asked me to go turn off the alarm should be repremanded at the very least.