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Friday, January 21, 2011

Another finished

I had to work quickly on this one.  The original date for it to be finished was the 28th.  Due to an earlier retirement than expected; I was asked if I could complete it earlier.  So I used some of my quickest freehand techniques and got it done.  Done is good!  The owner picked it up already.

I did a flip flop feather design on the outside border and a ribbon design on the inside border.

Another view of the flip flop feather border.

This is the design on the corner blocks.

Same design on the setting triangles.

It's hard to see the leafy feather design on the star points.  Each triangle of the star got an individual leafy feather instead of one long feather.

So here's what they look like on the back.  The photo looks like the edge of the quilt but it's not.  The white fabric of the back's center didn't show up.

Here is how the center of the back looks.  These leafy feathers are in the center of the star.

I like how they appear to kiss even though I didn't plan it that way.

One other thing about this quilt is that I chose a contrasting thread.  NOT a good thing when speed quilting is required.  Contrasting thread will show up every tiny flaw in the quilting. Never the less, I chose a steel grey thread and just went for it.  My thinking was that the grey thread would look good on both the black & the white fabrics and I wouldn't need to change it half way through the quilting.  I was also thinking I really need practice using contrasting threads.  I don't do this technique often enough to get really good at it.  I would like to do more contrast thread work on some of my art quilts.

I have two more to finish right away.  "With luck" I'll get them both finished by tomorrow night. 


Kristie said...

It looks very stunning! I always love looking at your quilting. Do you draw your designs on first or just start sewing????

Anita Estes said...

Thank you Kristie. On this particular quilt I just started quilting. On some quilts I may mark a small chalk tick mark here and there to help guide me in the right direction. With heirloom quilting I will sometimes use a stencil which I mark with chalk. When doing feather designs I usually don't need to mark anything. I've had years of practice doing feathers.