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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Studio changes

I finished the other art quilt.  It had lots of straight lines on it too.  I'll post photos when I'm given permission to do it.

I had a couple of days for ME projects.  I looked around my studio and kept asking myself..... "If I'm supposed to be an artist, where is my art?"  I had all kinds of quilting gadgets hanging on the walls and I had ribbons hanging on the walls.... but no actual art.

So I pulled out a few of my art quilts to hang them.  This one is called "I love you too".

My absolute favorite one is this unicorn.  This one is never leaving me. 

After getting these hung up, I realized it won't work.  The sun shines on the wall and the quilts will be damaged.  The unicorn is on the design wall but I use the design wall all the time.  It would be a hassle to take it down and put it back up constantly.  Everything gets very dusty and I don't want dust on my quilts.  The art quilts have been packed away again until I find a way to hang them without sun damage or getting dusty. 

I thought about working on re organizing the studio and decided a good cleaning is necessary before any organizing.  The dust in there has gotten really out of hand and the floors needed to be mopped.  I'll think about options for hanging art and maybe come up with something eventually.  Hmm... maybe I should make some smaller pieces and frame them with protective glass?  It's an option as well as a really good excuse for creating more art.


lw said...

You could shoot photos of the art quilts and hang those. Or find some of the UV blocking film that you can stick to the inside of your window. I love the Unicorn-- it's amazing.

Anita Estes said...

What a great idea! I will take pictures to put on the walls. Thank you!