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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still here

 The last few days I've had to be gone from home everyday.  I renewed my mother's state medical coverage.  I filed the annual guardianship reports with the court.  I had a doctor visit and some tests run.  I left home each day before daylight to catch a bus.  By the time I got home in the afternoon, I was so cold all I wanted to do is get under a quilt to get warm.  Writing a post or getting on the quilting machine was the last thing on my mind.  I did dress in layers but the cold seemed to go right through them.  Standing at a bus stop is not fun when it's freezing and snowing outside.

It's also not a good idea to tell in a blog when I won't be home.  There might be a burglar checking out my blog to see when he can stop by.  Yes, burglars do check blogs and facebooks. 

Anyway, I took some small work with me because I knew I'd be sitting in waiting rooms a lot.  I got the pieces cut out for this small quilt.  I ironed them all down to the background last night.

This is a gift for someone I know who has started an exercise program and diet.  It's a 2004 Jane Wilson pattern.  It's raw edge applique.  I bought the pattern back then because I liked the whimsy of it but never had a reason to make it until now.  It just needs a border then I can quilt it.

I also have a quilt on the machine.  I'm hoping to get the quilting finished by Monday.  It's a very large quilt.  I barely fit it onto the machine.  It's hard to believe this month is almost half gone.  Time moves so much more quickly than it used to. 

Ok, short post today.  The machine is calling me to get to work.

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