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Monday, January 24, 2011

Lost posts

Several days ago someone asked me where on my blog they could find the post about how I do t-shirt quilts.  I started looking for that post and realized several of my quilting technique tutorials are not here.  It really had me wondering.... what the heck happened to those posts?  I know I wrote those post but where the heck are they?  I was getting frustrated and wondering if my mind was playing tricks on me.  A senior memory thing.

I started looking through photos and many blog posts on my two quilt related blogs.  I couldn't even find the right photos. Where the heck are they?   (In my mind I sounded like the tv commercial of the guy looking for his car.)  Right about then I started feeling like a really confused senior.  Maybe I might need to look into nursing home care for myself? DUH!  That's when I realized those posts were written before I had to get a new computer a few years ago.  My how time does fly!  The old one crashed and I lost all photos and posts stored on my computer.  That was back when I had dial up internet too.  In order to save time I wrote posts in MS word then copied and pasted them into blogger.  Blogger didn't have draft storage back when I was writing those posts.  Gosh... I've come a long way since then and so has blogger.  That clears up the mystery of knowing I did write the posts but now they are missing.

The whole reason I started this second blog was to publish my unique piecing techniques for toppers; to post my machine quilting tips for fellow machine quilters; and to help beginning professional machine quilters learn a few hints from an experienced person.  My other blog is supposed to be simply a day to day journal for my customers to see that I am working daily and to understand what's taking me so long to finish their quilt

Somewhere along the journey of this blog I started explaining how the day to day living can interfere with keeping on a very busy quilting schedule; but, with careful organizing the impact could be minimal.  I got more and more questions about how I live frugally and I answered with blog posts which changed the intent of this blog.  Gradually my original quilting technique posts were forgotten about and never rewritten. 

 I believe I can rewrite a few of the original quilting posts because I've found some of the pictures stored in other places like my webshots albums. 

I will reconstruct what posts I can and rewrite others.  Now that I'm semi-retired I don't have as much commission work coming in.  Some of the original posts can't be rewritten without taking new photos of each step.  Those will have to wait until I have commission quilts to make. 

Not long ago I also started writing links to posts on this blog and using the "pages" feature at the top.  I became busy with quilting work and have not had a chance to get back to that either.  I sure don't want to let that project fall victim to my senior memory.  I'm going to start writing more links on the pages a little at a time.  Maybe as I work with the link pages I'll find some of the technique posts I remember writing but just don't remember what I called them. 

I hope you enjoy the "backward pieced" designs as I get them remade and posted.  If any steps are unclear please let me know.  One of the backward pieced designs should be ready to post sometime tomorrow.

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