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Thursday, April 29, 2010

She's learning

A quick post to let you know I've been at the hospital with my mother.  She had a pretty bad cut over her eye from her fall.  She couldn't remember who she was or where she was.  Her memory is coming back a little although she thinks she is at the airport waiting for a flight.  I don't know where she thinks she's going on a plane.  Just that each time they take her in a wheel chair to get tests done (they walk really fast) she thinks the window on the plane is open so she feels the wind on her face.  My father was a pilot in the air force.  Maybe she thinks she's riding with him.

Last night Ladybug saw the paper clip rug I was working on.  After a few of minutes watching me, she wanted to work on it too.  I wanted to show her how to work the paperclip rounds and she told me in no uncertain terms..... "I do it NaNa!"  Evidently she believes in being a fast learner.  Oh well, she has the right idea.  Now if I can get her to watch where the rounds are worked she might be the next rug maker in the family.

Now for something to eat and some rest.  


lw said...

The airport analogy is a good one: she knows she's safe, but she's not quite comfortable (who are all these people?) and she knows she's not at home and not going home anytime soon. I can see where her mind would come up with being in an airport.

My husband was an Air Force pilot, too. He still flies, we have a little single engine low wing airplane.

Anita Estes said...

Hmm... that's a good analogy. It makes sense to me.

I understand the single engine but what does low wing mean? I see a small plane fly over my house almost every day at about the same time. I always wave at them even though I don't think they see me.

I call it the red baron because it looks like the plane in the snoopy cartoons with the double wings and it's a very red color.

lw said...

Low wing means that the wings are under the cabin, so you walk on them to get into the cabin. High wings, you walk under, and hide under when it rains. But the low wing aircraft are slippery and fast and the high wings feel like you're flying a bathtub.

Your red baron plane may be a Staggerwing. If you can see the pilot, he can see you.