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Monday, April 12, 2010

Is it Monday already?

Geeze, where did the weekend go?  Time passes too quickly these days.  The next quilt is on the machine and stabelized.  I hope to have it finished this week.

Ladybug was with not the mommie yesterday.  I spent almost all day working on my computer.  I didn't realize it; but, I had almost 3,000 photos on this computer. 
Well no wonder it ran so slow.  I deleted out well over half of them because I no longer needed them.  Mostly daily journal type and duplicate photos.  I tried my best to learn about photoshop too.  I managed to get all the remaining photos into a catalog.  That's as far as I got though.  I wanted to learn more about putting captions with the photos.  It got a bit complicated reading the book for help so I quit.  I'll have more time for learning when the house is mine again. 

The computer still runs slow when I'm working on the internet.  I think my modem might be getting too old.  I ran the virus scan software but it didn't help speed things up.  The computer isn't slow when working with any of the other stuff, just the internet. 

I also worked on patterns for Ladybug some new clothes.  This time instead of making my own patterns I traced out a couple of packaged ones. 

Tracing and making adjustments on heavier paper is much better than working with the pattern tissue paper.  Tissue paper is too flimsy and tears too easily.  With Ladybug back at daycare I hope to get several things accomplished this week starting with the quilt on the machine.  I do things that are too dangerous for her to be around while she's away and save things we can do together for when she gets home.  She's far too curious and her hands much too quick for some activities. 

I guess if I'm going to get things done I best get off the computer to get started. 

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