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Friday, April 9, 2010

Another quilt finish

Well it seemed like forever but another quilt is finally quilted.  Ladybug went back to daycare so I was able to get some quilty stuff done. 

I did leaves on the outside border along the applique vine.

I did a flower design on top of the applique flower.  Here you see it from the back.

I did a swag design on the inside border.

I did a flower design on the block squares.

I did a flower in the cornerstone and leaves on the rectangle pieces.

Here it is from the back.

One border didn't have any applique so I drew a big flower in the center then did leaves going to the corners.

It felt good to get some quilting stuff done.  All the time as I sat and rocked Ladybug I kept eyeing the fabrics given to me not long ago.  Thoughts of crafty ideas kept racing around in my head.  Sure there were thoughts of quilts but also rugs, placemats, curtains, pot holders, little girl dresses, wallets, and all manor of things I can make from upholstery fabrics.  If only I could get to doing them!  No, I shouldn't feel that way.  The time with Ladybug sitting on my lap will be all too short.  They grow up so quickly that it feels like only a blink of the eye.  There'll be time enough for crafting when Ladybug outgrows the need to be cuddled by NaNa.  I count my blessings.


FoulkeArt said...

Beautiful quilting, Anita. Glad you are back to quilting and blogging!

lw said...

This one is really pretty! I'm glad you're back, and I'm glad Ladybug is well.