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Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's this?

What the heck?  I wan't expecting a package.  Please don't be a quilt top that I wasn't expecting!  I can't do any quilting this week.  I have plans.

Nope, just a very nice gift from a happy customer.

It was delicious!  Thank you Ann.

This week I'm not doing any quilting or writing any posts.  I'm headed to Paducah!  I'll be there all week just soaking up lots of creative ideas and drooling over the town.  I would move there if I could.  I love Paducah!!  I've wanted to move there for several years but it's never been possible for me.  The best I can do is visit there during the quilt shows.  I don't stay at the show though.  I wander off the popular trails and see the rest of the area as it would be when there isn't a show going on.  That's the part of Paducah I fell in love with.  The normal living part of the town.  It's gonna be fun. 

See you in a week!

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