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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Busting the stash

I didn't get the quilt on the machine finished.  I only got about half way through it when I decided it was time to do something else.   The thought of all the fabrics I have.... just waiting to be used.... was intruding on my mind.  Who says a fabric stash has to be used for quilts?  Not me.  So, I've decided to use some of it for other clothes too.  I've already used some of it for making my undies so why not other clothes? 

I can rationalize time away from the machine when I have to.  (hee hee)  I pulled out some t-shirt scraps and quilting fabrics.

Then started cutting out an outfit for Ladybug. 

I'll put this one together before cutting out more.  I want to know my measurements are correct and it fits her before any more cutting.  The sewing will have to wait for another day though.  Today I'll be shopping with my SIL. She has a doctor appointment on Friday so we are going today.  I also need to go to the fabric store and get some pretty lacey trim or maybe some rick rack to go on it.  Sewing for a little girl again is going to be such fun!  Especially when I have soooo much fabric to choose from.  It's gonna be a great stash buster.


kathi said...

i can't wait to see Ladybug in her new outfit!! WHAT FUN for BOTH of you.

lw said...

Those fabrics will look really pretty on Ladybug.

My stash got busted near Halloween, when a teenage friend (her parents don't live in town) came over needing a costume. We did "Little Miss Muffet" and the ruffled apron took up a lot of fabric.

rnmom502 said...

I vote for lime green rick rack. Love those bright orange colors. Can't wait to see it all done. Ladybug sure is one lucky little lady!