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Monday, April 26, 2010

Paducah trip

Good morning.  We made it to Paducah and back safely.  We got there on Tuesday afternoon.  Got checked into the hotel in plenty of time to rest.  My SIL is afraid of heights.  We were on the 4th floor.  She had a small panic attack on seeing how high we were.  I had her face the wall and grabbed her arm as we slowly made our way down the walkway to our room at the end.   I worked her through the panic attacks a little at a time, and by the time we left on Friday, she was walking it alone like a pro.  

After resting for awhile, we headed to Metropolis, IL to see Superman.  It was only 7 miles from our hotel.   

We went to the gambling boat.  I spent 3 hours playing the penny slots while my SIL went her own way.  I'm not much of a gambler but she loves it.  Of course I came out a winner.

That wasn't too bad since I only spent twenty to play for that long.  On our way out, just for the heck of it, I put two dollars in a dollar machine.  I said that whatever I won would be for Ladybug.  It would go into her college fund.  I won fifty dollars on the second pull.  I cashed out and left.  So Ladybug has fifty more dollars in her college fund.

On Wednesday morning we got to the show in plenty of time.

I walked around the first floor show area, taking a few photos of quilts, and visiting the vendors.  I could see the quilts when the crowds thinned out where I could get better pictures.  I took all my sissors to the booth to have them sharpened.  They remember me.  Each time I go to Paducah I visit their booth.  This guy has a very good memory for names and faces. 

I met several quilt "celebraties".  Including Laura Wasilowski of Chicago School of Fusing fame.  I bought two of her books.  I really wanted to bring home lots of her hand dyed fabrics but the cost was more than I could afford.  I really enjoyed talking with her and her husband.  He was fascinated with my shoes which were flip flops with lots of fuzzy yarn wrapped around the straps.  He also liked my paper clip rug weaving that I happened to have in my bag.  I'm hoping Laura will stop by my blog now and then to see how my art venture is going.  She's such a nice, friendly person.  I'm fascinated with her art because it's cartoony like mine.  Now if only I could figure out how to sell my art, like she does, I'd be a very happy person.

My SIL and I met up for lunch then decided to walk to Lower town.   We sat down at a bench across the street from the "hurt" books store to rest.  I sat my camera on the bench.  When we got up, I left the camera behind.  I didn't notice it gone until late that afternoon.  I thought it was in my bag all that time.  Imagine my disappointment when I looked in my bag and it wasn't there.  I gave it up for lost and no way to get it back. 

The next day I checked in the AQS lost and found.  Not there.  My SIL decided just for the heck of it we would go see if anyone turned it into the book store.  It couldn't hurt to ask.  While walking to the book store, we saw Marilyn Badger and said hello.  I asked about her wins this year and we spoke for a few minutes.  I happened to mention that I had lost my camera on the bench and that I was hoping to find it in the bookstore.  Well, guess what, her friend said she had seen a note stuck to the bench about a camera.  What!?  You're kidding, right? 

We said goodbye to Marilyn and her friends and headed to the bench.  Sure enough, there was the note on the bench in front of a real estate and insurance company.  I got the note and planned to go into the office.  Locked and closed for the day.  Well, at least I know where the camera is.  I write a note on the back and included my cell phone number then put it into their mailbox.  We go back to the show and walk around until afternoon.  My SIL gets tired and wants to go back to the boat.  No call about the camera.

Friday morning I go back to see if the office is open so I can get my camera.  Still locked and closed.  Bummer!  I find a phone number on the window and call it.  The lady who found my camera will meet me there in a few minutes.  Yippie!!  Wow, she looked like a model.  Tall, thin, blonde, and beautiful.  I couldn't thank her enough for returning the camera.  When I first discovered it missing I had given up hope of finding it again.  Now that I'm not quilting professionallly, I knew I wouldn't have the money to replace it for a long time.  So much of my life revolves around that camera.  My blogs - just think how dull my two blogs would be without photos.  My books - I can't write an instruction book to make cardboard furniture or backward pieced quilts without pictures of the steps.  My portrait quilts - yes, I'm still learning about photoshop so I can do the portraits.  I can't make portrait quilts without a camera to take the photo.

You see why I love Paducah so much?  If I had lost my camera in Louisville it would have been gone forever.  It would have been sold on the street or in a pawn shop before I got two blocks away.  Can you guess what that lovely lady will be getting as soon as I can make it?

At some point during the trip, I nearly scared the crap out of Judy Laquidara.  I swear she must have jumped a foot with a look of complete surprise.  Almost like she wondered if she should break out in a run. 
Now that I sit here telling about it.... I chuckle.  Not because I scared Judy, but at my own stupidity.  I wouldn't scare anyone on purpose.  I can do some really "duh" (stupid) things sometimes.  When I think about them later I laugh at myself and how dumb I must have appeared. 

What happened?  Well, my SIL is loosing her hearing.  She denies it so everyone has learned to talk louder to her.  I'm sitting on the shuttle bus next to my SIL and my mind is wandering.  Judy and her friends get on the bus.  I glance at her as she starts to walk by and realize it's Judy.  I'm still in "talk to my SIL" mode so I blurt out real loud.... Judy!  She jumps with a start and replies "WHAT!!?  She has a look on her face of complete surprise.  Well duh!  Anyone would be scared if a strange looking woman suddenly shouted their name.  Of course Judy doesn't know me.  I know her from talking on the internet occasionally and following her blog.  I started watching her career back when she lived in Kentucky. 

To make matters worse, I start talking to Judy as if she's someone else.  I don't know why but I had the conversation I had with someone else confused as a conversation with Judy.  I start talking about what I talked about with the other person.  Judy looks at me like.... who the heck is this person and what in the world is she talking about?  I'm sure she was wondering if she should get away from this crazy person.  She must have been glad her friends were with her as protection against a mad woman.  I can tell the story of what happened because it's highly unlikely that Judy will ever visit my blog.  Especially if someone tells her they know the crazy, confused, mad woman who shouts on shuttle busses really is.  Maybe if I keep real quiet about it, Judy will forget it ever happened.

Ok, now that I've confessed about my "duh" for the week, and had a chuckle at my own stupidity, it's time for me to go play with what followed me home from Paducah.  I'll show you those tomorrow.


lw said...

It sounds like a great trip, and I'm so glad you got your camera back!

Gudrun said...

I read you are no longer quilting professionally,
I think I missed something do explain...looking forward to seeing your goodies.