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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Time with grandchildren

Ever since the wind storm last fall, it seems we loose power during every storm. With almost daily thunder storms the power is out almost every day. It doesn't last more than a few hours but it sure does put a damper on my days.

I'm still working on the latest quilt. It's almost finished. I got down to the last part of the quilting before calling it a day. Yes, I am working but at a much slower pace. I still feel the effects of the bronchitis so I rest a lot.

This is E J. A step-grandchild. He's 5 years old. He's here from Indianapolis for a few days and wanted to visit me for awhile. What grandmother can resist a little time with a grandchild? Here he's showing me how to use his game.

He was actually more interested in the quilting machine than showing me the game. He asked about every button and knob and wheel. What does this do? Can I try it? What does this one do? Can I try it? I unplugged the machine so he couldn't hurt himself or change a setting and let him pretend he was quilting. I didn't even think of taking pictures because I was very busy making sure he didn't move the machine too fast. He liked that it moved very fast on the wheels. Trust me.... he's a very active child. But then he got tired. Time for his nap. Na Na.... would you rock me to sleep? (Grandmothers have very cushy comfy laps ya know.) Ten minutes in the rocking chair and he's ready to lay down on the bed. I sat in the rocking chair and rested too.

So today I should be able to finish up the quilt and get another one on the machine. Providing a storm doesn't come through again. 40 percent chance of one.

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kathi said...

Ahhh. NOTHING like a grandchild day!!