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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finally back to quilting

It was the easiest one I could find in the quilts waiting. I've lost track of which quilt is next and which ones had deadlines. I only got part way through it before a series of storms passed through the area. I don't quilt during storms because I don't want to take a chance of a power surge ruining my machine. Power surges can burn up the mother board of the stitch regulator.

On a sad note.... Sean's father had a blood vein burst in his brain. His father is now on life support with no chance of recovery. The hospital is keeping him on life support until other family members living out of town can visit the hospital. Sean was with me a good deal of time yesterday just talking about his dad.
Today will be more quilting and a visit to the hospital with Sean and his mother.

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Bethany said...

Please give Sean and his mother a hug and my sympathies from me.