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Monday, June 1, 2009

Eeeeeek! Ye gads!! $#(*^(*&^$&^%#%$*^ ANTS!!!

Do you have any idea what it feels like to wake up in the morning to find swarming and flying ants invading your home? Silent little creatures that are flying and crawling all over the place. Somehow leaving enough droppings to make the house look dirty. I didn't know ants left droppings like this. Yes, some of it is dust... but dust is grey.... droppings are yellow looking. These ants are in every room of the house. I'm not going to go searching for the swarms though.... it might creep me out far too much.

This swarm is crawling up the wall toward the ceiling. I didn't know ants did that either! I thought they preferred underground. No food for them at the ceiling that I know about. Hmm... maybe there is some other kind of bugs around the ceiling? What do I mean?

Well.... these ants bite! They are meat eaters. If I were to put out a bit of sugar and a bit of meat side by side; the ants would swarm around the meat and leave the sugar. I've tried the experiment before.... when the ants stayed outside. I'm not about to feed them anything as long as they are invading my house. You'll just have to take my word for it without pictures. Maybe there are flies or silverfish or some other kind of bugs around the ceiling? To ants that would be meat.
I couldn't even take a decent shower this morning without a few of the flying ones deciding to take a shower with me.
I know I won't get much sleep for the next few days. These ants swarm at night. They swarm every night for about a week then go back into hiding until the next year. No telling whether they are plotting to attack me while I sleep. I can visualize someone finding my skeleton in the bed after being attacked and eaten. I'm going to call the exterminator today after I get back home. I have a doctor appointment this morning.
I'm beginning to think I'm never going to catch a break! It's one crisis after another these days. Between stubborn water cut off knobs; quilters saying..... I'm not trying to rush you BUT can you get my quilt done by ______ LIKE YOU PROMISED; a daughter that needs a last minute baby sitter because she's called to work (daddy doesn't want to be stuck at home); and now invading ants.... my life is one big series of stressful events. I'm wondering what will be next? I don't think I can handle many more crisis events before I decide to run away from home.
Hmm..... What happened to my 2009 goal to say yes to less? Good question. Maybe the ants carried it off? Maybe it went down the drain with all the free flowing water? Maybe my grandaughter hid it in her toybox? Or maybe it's hidden underneath the quilts waiting? Yup, I think I'm very close to running away from home.
Ok, I've got to get to the doctor's office. While I'm there maybe I can come up with a plan of action? A plan to handle one crisis at a time and get my life back in order.
P. S. to Elaine and Agnes. I would have emailed you privately but you have your "no comment reply" turned on. Bloggers can't privately answer questions unless you allow replys to be sent.
For Elaine: Thank you, it's perfectly ok with me for you or anyone to use any quilting design seen in the pictures of my posts. It's one of the reasons I take so many pictures.... so readers can see how any design looks on a quilt.
For Agnes: I'm taking pictures and writing posts as fast as I can for the frugal living blog. If you follow each "step" as I create it you should be saving money by the end of the series. I'm updating and stream lining every thing as I write about it. Each step should be organized and helpful by the time I get it posted.

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Sorry, can't help you with the water problems. Can't quilt your quilts for you either. Hot Shot bug spray from Wal-Mart will take care of the ants and be cheaper than an exterminator. School's out so your daughter can hire a teenager to watch the kids if she has to go to work. And why is it that Daddy can't be STUCK at home for a shift, watching his won kids? Mom's STUCK at home with them when she's not working at her paid job. Maybe, just maybe, you should run away for a while. Or just pull the shades, lock the door, turn on the answering machine but don't answer the phone & work on the quilting while everybody else solves their own problems. Sometimes to save our own sanity we just have to say enough is enough and back off for a while.