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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bernina dealer that's great to work with

Well gee whiz! I finally got the bobbin case for my Bernina and the bobbin race cover decided to break on me. I feel lost without a working household machine.

Thank goodness I do know of a repairman that can fix it for me. My friend Emma gave me his name and phone number. He's been working on machines for many, many years. I called and asked if he could pick up my machine because I don't have a car. Yea!! He can pick it up. He will be here Friday.

He works on residential and commercial machines. He used to be the main repairman for Baer Fabrics before they went out of business. I decided to let him work on two of my other machines too. My Featherweight and another very old singer machine. This old Singer has a wooden travel case covered with paper. I think it's a model from maybe the 40's or 50's?

It's not real pretty but should be very good for a back up machine. I inherited this machine when an aunt passed away a few years ago. No one in the family wanted it but me. I also got another machine of hers but I'll wait on getting it fixed. It's a Singer in a table.

The Smocking Shop people still have not returned my phone calls. If they can't or won't return simple phone calls..... how long would it have taken for me to actually get the part? This is a shame because they claim to be the only authorized Bernina dealer in this area. Not a good reputation for Bernina to have dealers like that. Needless to say I won't be shopping there for anything.

I have to brag about the place that did send me the bobbin case. It's called Loose Threads Online and they are wonderful to deal with. Not in this area but not that far away either. I could have gotten my bobbin case several days ago but I got a phone call from them saying the Bernina parts were due to be on sale in a few days.... would it be alright to wait a few days before mailing it so they could give me the discount? Absolutely! What a wonderful thing to do. I plan to do a little more shopping at their site as soon as my finances get straightened out again.

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

It's always a godsend to find a good, reliable sewing machine repairman. I have a Pfaf and the nearest Pfaff dealer is almost 100 mi. away. I take mine to a guy in Norfolk, about 60 mi. away. He has a custom drapery business and sells Janomes but he will work on anything and does a good job. I know it can't be the same guy, but my grandmother traded in her treadle machine for an electric New Home from the same store. Now that is business longevity and youj don't get that without good customer service. There is another place in Norfolk where I will NEVER take a machine again. Just can't stand the people there.