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Monday, June 22, 2009

Storing favorite recipes

Are yours in books? In a binder?

Or in a file box like mine?

Over the weekend I needed to go to the grocery to pick up a few things to make a meal and get a few groceries for my friend who lost her husband. While there, I happened to walk past a discount table. Wow.... I've wanted these for quite awhile now. I can't resist a 75 percent off price so I bought eight packs.

At home, while cooking the meal, I updated my favorite recipes box. I file everything by main ingredient.

These are recipes I've tried or would like to try. I file by main ingredient so that I can use recipes for items that are on sale. For example: cake. The angel food cakes were on sale last week. By the time I got to the store some were marked down and on the day old table. I bought two. One for the freezer and one to make Angel Lush cake. It's not pretty (kind of sloppy) but oh so heavenly tasting.... fat free, cholesterol free, and mostly sugar free. It's a jello recipe I got from the jello website. Check it out, they have lots of good recipes. I printed the recipe then glued it to a file card.

Every once in awhile I go through my cookbooks looking for new things to try. If I see something that sounds interesting, I make a copy with my computer printer and glue it to a file card. This is much easier than asking myself.... now which book was that recipe in? Sometimes I go to manufacturer websites looking for new recipes. They are always putting new ones on their sites. Sometimes they even offer coupons to try the new recipes.

Using file cards also makes it easy to read the recipe while mixing and cooking. It's much easier than trying to find a place for a book on a tiny counter top along with the ingredients and the bowls etc. Here you can see how I've used the bottom portion of a freezer bag to make a file card holder. It's taped to my cabinet door at eye level.

There is another advantage to having my favorite recipes on file cards. Say for example I'm going on an unplanned trip to the grocery. I've not had the time to make out my grocery list. I can quickly pull out file cards for the recipes I planned for this week and take them to the store with me. I can use these to be sure I buy all the ingredients. This is much easier than carrying cookbooks with me.

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rnmom502 said...

Would love a piece of that cake right about now! It sure does look delicious. How about the recipe???