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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Well now.... this one is finally done

This is the vintage quilt I showed a few days ago. This is one side.

This is the other side. Can you see that the sashing is relatively straight?

If you remember after stabilizing, the blocks originally looked like this. Plenty of fullness in them.

The fullness is still there but it's distributed so it's less noticeable. See in the corner of this block where some of that fullness is?

The side of the block where more fullness is hiding.

A close up of the tulip and a part of the sashing so you can see the fullness is less noticeable.

Once this quilt is washed a couple of times the extra fullness will relax into the batting and be even less noticeable than it is now.

When I get a chance I will put this on my helpful hints blog giving a little more details about how I accomplished it. I should have time by the weekend.... no promises though.... I never know when I might wind up in the hospital.
I've noticed that since I started moderating the comments sent to my blogs.... I've gotten no bad or weird stuff. I'm glad I did that!
Gotta go now... lots to do today. My doctor appointment was changed to another day due to her having an emergency elsewhere.
p.s. The corn I put into the freezer was store bought. It was on sale 5 ears for a dollar and I bought 40 ears of it. My daughter took half leaving me wishing I had bought more. I'm sure it will be on sale again around the 4th of July holiday so I plan on stocking up again then.

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Anonymous said...

That quilt is gorgeous! I have always wanted to make this quilt since I have seen it, someday, someday....

Jay in Nebraska