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Monday, May 25, 2009

How can anything so small and cute be soooo FRUSTRATING?!

See the new mp3 player? Smaller than the cell phone. Really dainty and cute.

It's supposed to be very simple to operate. It's supposed to be able to download books from the library so I can listen while I work. It's supposed to be as easy to operate as a simple tape player. YEAH... RIGHT! What it's supposed to do and what it actually does are not compatable.
Today and most of yesterday were spent trying to make this darn thing do what it's supposed to do. I've gotten absolutely nothing accomplished except doing laundry and house cleaning while I wait.... and wait.... and wait as different software upgrades loaded to my computer so I could access the library site. I've gone through all the instructions time after time after time. Done one step at a time over and over again.
It still doesn't work. It's now been shoved inside a drawer to gather dust along with all the other electronic devices I can't seem to get to work like the instruction books tell me "is really simple". Either the books lied or else I'm a complete idiot when it comes to electronic gadgets. Or.... it's simply not compatable with the libraries where I can download books.
Ok, I've wasted enough time on this dag gone thing! Tomorrow I go back to quilting without any books to listen to while I work. At least the house is half way clean again. (smile) Oh yes, and I did add an "issue quilt" tutorial to my other blog today too.


Bethany said...

I don't know anyone who can make those work that's why the Ipod is running circles around all the other brands. I spent all day trying to make one work for a neighbor kid. Nothing worked. Argggh. And those dang Ipods cost a fortune. 3 times what they should cost.

If you get yours to work, let me know. I choked on the price of a Nano and later an Ipod Touch but don't regret the purchases.

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Compatibility could be the big issue with your MP3 player. Is your player on the list of compatible players at the library site? Do you have high-speed Internet? Dial-up might not work because it's too slow. Did you keep the packaged for the player so you could return it? Creative players and Sansa players are usually pretty compatible but it does depend on your library's service.