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Monday, May 11, 2009

Next quilt finished

This one is done. I finished it on Saturday.

I did feathers in all the blocks. I created a cardboard template to mark all the spines consistant. I used the chalked spine instead of a stitched one because there is a large amount of stitching in the design. I put the directions for making a cardboard template on my helpful hints blog in the save money posts.

Here's a view from the back.

A close up of the block from the back. Anyone who has been reading my blogs for awhile can pretty much tell I like creating asymmetrical designs.

I slept almost all day yesterday. I don't think I'm sick but I feel so tired most of the time. Like I just don't have any energy. I wanted to do some cleaning but decided to so something easy. So I picked out the threads from all the leaders. I sew the backings to my leaders instead of pinning because I don't like getting stuck by pins. It hurts! I have three sets of leaders and this hadn't been done in quite awhile so it took plenty of time.

For now.... Mom is being pretty quiet. Her antics come in spells for a few days then stop for awhile. The next quilt is on the machine. I plan to get it at least stabilized today. I haven't figured out what to stitch on it yet. So now I'm headed in there to figure this out.

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Elaine said...

Thank you for showing your work. I really like how you do things and the tips. Inspiration to a newer longarmer which is what I am