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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Update on the mp3

I've been able to get the audio books from the library to my computer. I visited these sites which are a part of the Louisville Library system.

Foreign Service Institute Language Courses - Includes MP3s of language learning audio tapes and PDFs of student textbooks that have entered the public domain. Over twenty languages are represented
LibriVox - Includes public domain books, poetry, and dramatic works read by volunteers.
NetLibrary - Includes best-sellers, book club favorites, biographies, award winning authors, language study programs, young adult fiction, and more.
OverDrive - Includes best-sellers, popular authors, fiction and non-fiction.
Podiobooks.com - Includes serialized audio books available through direct download or RSS feeds.
Project Gutenberg - Includes human read and computer generated audio books.

I now have Adobe Media Player, Windows Media Player, Overdrive Media Player, and Netflix Media Player on my computer thanks to the different sites requiring different media players. That's a lot of media players on one computer.

I can listen to the books easily on my computer; but, the computer is 4o feet away (in another room) from where I want to hear them.

As was suggested; I went back to each site to check for compatability of my mp3. Well it seems my brand is not supported at any of the sites. Only the most expensive mp3 players are supported. I should have known that! I should have known it was TOO easy. I thought it would be soooo convenient to get books as often as I wanted by simply getting on the internet. For me, nothing is ever that easy. I'll have my daughter see if the mp3 can be returned.

I guess I have to go back to the old fashioned way of getting my library books. I have to actually go there to check them out. Or maybe.... just maybe, I can burn the library books to a cd with the computer then play them on my cd player? Would this work? I don't know. I'll put cds on my shopping list so I can give it a try. If I get rewrite disks I can use them over and over again... is that right?

Ok, enough worry over the mp3 problem. I have a new problem to deal with. My kitchen sink has decided to run constantly. I heard it start during the night and got up to see what was going on. It's not just a drip.... but a good size stream of constant hot water. The faucet needs new washers. Constantly running hot water is an expensive problem. Not only will the water bill be higher but so will the gas that's used to heat the water unless I get it shut off right away.

Guess what? Yup, the water cut off knob is way, way in the back of a deep corner cabinet. The cabinet is full of cleaning supplies and other stuff. I was not going to clean out the cabinet in the middle of the night so I could crawl in there to reach the cut off knob. I let it run until this morning when I can clean out the cabinet. I guess I'll be carrying water from the bathroom to wash dishes for awhile. It's just not in my budget to pay a plumber yet. I guess if I have to pay a plumber anyway; I might as well buy a new faucet and sprayer too. The sprayer quit working several years ago. So a new faucet and sprayer go on the shopping list and plumber goes on the budget sheet.

Well..... I'm getting off the computer now so I can go clean out the cabinet. Then it's back to the quilting machine. I enjoyed my holiday away from work.... even if it was frustrating.


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Sorry your MP3 player turned out to be incompatible. Compatibility is the bane of all this electronic stuff. Your idea of burning the files to CD to play on your CD player MIGHT work IF your CD player will play the MP3 format. Not all of them do, especially if they are a few years old. There is a way to MAKE the downloaded MP3s compatible with ANY player, but it's long & tedious, involving playing the file while recording it with a program called TOTAL RECORDER (must download & purchase license)as either a MP3 or WMA file, then transferring that to your player. (WMA files are smaller & most but not all MP3 players will play them.) Probably more trouble than you want to go to.

Faucet washers aren't that hard to change....no need for a plumber. The brand name should be on the faucet somewhere...or take a digital picture of the whole thing...take it to the hardware store and let them help you figure out which package of replacement washers to buy. There's usually pretty good instructions on the package. Just be sure that when you take things apart you line them all up in the order they go back together. Good luck sorting out all these minor annoyances...wanna come sort out my problem with the library's online card catalog not showing up online?? That's my aggravating problem right now.

sdpattie said...

Hi Anita- I download from my library. They had a list of devices that would work with a WMA format and I bought a creative zen mosaic. I don't know about mp3 devices except at my library the mp3 only works with Apple computers. I got my Creative Zen Mosaic at Walmart for $45. but they are also sold on ebay for less. It is beyond terrific to quilt and read at the same time. Pattie