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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The fabric fairies came again

This time they left me something to organize the fabrics instead of leaving fabrics. These are really nice. I don't know exactly where I will put them up. I'm thinking in the basement if I ever get a stairway built to get down there.

These shelves came with a whole bag of connectors. I can make the shelf unit in any way I need. I can use them for anything I want.... not just for fabrics. I think they will be great for storing my canned goods or my less often used dishes or maybe even my small cardboard pieces when I get back to creating cardboard furniture again.

I slept almost the whole day. The after effects of the morphine made me too drowsy to operate machinery. On one of my brief awakes I decided to put these in the freezer. I didn't want them to go bad.

Got them all flash frozen and repackaged for single servings. Then I went back to bed and slept until this morning.

Each bought with an illness and each hospitalization leaves me more feeble. I can feel it. Not a good sign at my age. Yet the bills must be paid and the quilts must get finished. I'm even more behind schedule. I best get into the studio pretty soon and do what I can. Tomorrow is another day away from quilting because I have a follow up appointment with the doctor. That takes a whole day.
How far behind schedule am I now? I haven't a clue. My best guess is about 3 or 4 months. That's not good. Customers don't want to hear about medical or personal problems.... they don't want to hear excuses..... they want to know when their quilts will be finished. I can't be a professional quilter and sick at the same time. That simply won't work.
I have a choice and I choose to be healthy again! It will require some work on my part to do less quilting and make healthier choices. I will work less, eat better foods, sleep regularly, get out of the quilting chair and exercise, get more sunshine. I will start my health journey by asking advice from my doctor tomorrow. It's always best to start with the doctor.
Ok, enough self pep talk for now. A quilt is waiting on me. I must remember..... I am but one person. I can do only so much. I have to accept what I can do and trust that the rest will get done in it's own time.


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Wow, sweet corn already!! Sure looks yummy. Ours isn't even planted yet. My husband swears it grows better if he doesn't plant it until almost the end of May. Of course, we ARE in Nebr.

Sorry to hear you had to spend time in the hospital, but glad to hear you're feeling better now and getting back to the quilting. Sometimes we all have to admit we can only do so much. I'll be 57 on my b-day and I've had to admit I've slowed down some & have plenty of aches and pains. Friends of a similar age say the same. We just have to deal with it, don't we? Stay well.........

kathi said...

praying BIG time for you my dear friend. oh my. the stress of falling behind schedule. leads to sickness, leads to MORE stress, therefore MORE sickness.. hmm? can ya see where all this is going?
I best move it.. i am atleast 3 months behind as well. or worse. don't really want to check right now.