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Monday, May 18, 2009

Hmm.... where have I been?

Back in the hospital. I sure do get sick of being sick. No it wasn't strep throat. I seem to have escaped that.... which rarely happens. This time I had kidney stones again. This time the CT scan found three stones were being passed. Very intense pain! A couple of shots of morphine in the IV and I'm in la la land without a care in the world. But... there is no more pain. A couple of days of morphine and it's all over... for now.

I left the hospital last night acting like a drunk person. My daughter laughs at my attempts to walk straight and talk without slurring the words. Ladybug can't figure out why NaNa won't carry her as usual.

Today will be used for sleeping off the after effects of all the morphine. I have a doctor appointment on Wednesday for a follow up. I'm told that the doctor can prescribe a medicine to help prevent the stones. So why didn't I get the prescription the last time? Who knows? Wednesday I'm going to be sure I come home with a new prescription. If I can prevent it... I don't intend to go through that pain ever again!

I'm down to the very last row of finishing the vintage quilt. If I wake up enough to safely get on my machine later today then I will get that done and another one put on. I'm not going to take any chances though.... safety first.

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Lindah said...

Whoa! So sorry you were down. Iwas afraid of something like that. Rest up real good and you'll be good as new.