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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vintage quilts often have issues

As you can see the next quilt has some issues. It's a hand made vintage quilt. Inherited. I can't be sure; but, many of the fabrics look like feed sack. Especially the background, the sashing, and the green stems.

I have my doubts about the other fabrics because of the vivid reds and some blue fabrics.

The original maker may have had some feed sack fabrics in her stash and combined them with newer fabrics? I know there were red (called turkey red) feed sack fabrics but I'm not sure this is one of them.

I believe this quilt will be used as a post in my helpful hints blog about how to deal with the issue of extra fullness in quilts. It's the most common problem of working with vintage handmade quilts.
As I was stabilizing the quilt I found traces of where someone had started hand quilting it then changed their mind and removed the stitching. The current owner just wants it finished so she can use and enjoy it instead of letting it sit in storage. I'm very happy I can help her with that.
I sure wish I could figure out why blogger keeps changing the spacing in my posts? It's annoying!

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