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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yesterday was another one of those days.

A day when you just want to rewind and start it all over. You know what I mean? I type talked yesterday that I was supposed to be going shopping for things to stash away for next xmas. Not long after my post I received a phone call that my SIL had fallen the night before and broken her wrist in 4 places. She was in the hospital to have surgery to have it set.

I also forgot to mention in my last post that my daughter was on her way to visit Ms Bunny at the hospital when she was hit by a drunk driver Christmas night. She was t-boned on the driver's side. She's going to be fine but the car isn't. It's a total loss. The baby was at home with daddy.

So instead of shopping as I had planned; yesterday was a day of waiting on phone calls, cleaning house, planning, making notes, and evaluating goals for 2009. Today will be more of the same.


Nini Morris said...

Anita, Soooo sorry to hear about the accidents...Your daughter was so lucky not to have been hurt! My mother and too small ones were in the car when she was t-boned a few years ago. Mom didn't make it and my youngest was in the hospital for 6 weeks.

Hope all is well soon!


Anonymous said...

Oh Anita,

SOO sorry.. sad Miss Bunny is back in the hospital.. And so outraged that your daughter was hit. Was there not an auto accident a while back as well? THIS is just WRONG.

praying for ALL of you.