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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Say yes to less! (Less is more)

I've come up with my personal and professional goal theme for 2009. I'm saying "yes to less" which means;

1. less guilt
2. less stress
3. less spending
4. less waste
5. less accumulation
6. less clutter
7. less work
8. less perfectionism
9..... ok, there are many others but these will give you the idea.

As I was thinking about my goals for this coming year it once again occurred to me that I can't be all things to all people. Somewhere in my childhood I got it into my head that I must be perfect in order to be loved, successful, and important. I keep forgetting the permission I give myself over time and I take on project after project, committment after committment.

For 2009 I'm once again giving myself the permission to "get over being perfect" and allow myself..... to be myself.... for myself. I'm hoping that this time I won't forget.

Maybe I'm still suffering from rush season burn out? Maybe I'm getting older? Maybe I'm just ready to retire and have fun? Oh goodness, who knows why, it doesn't matter. The point is that I'm ready to do much less. Yes to less is also a way to have more later. For example "yes to less spending" on household stuff gives me "more money" for fun later. "Yes to less work" gives me "more time" for friends and family.

In order to "say yes to less work" and "yes to less stress" some of my projects will have to go. These projects are not just quilt ufos or the customer quilts but other committments as well. I may be committing professional and social suicide by saying no much more often. It's a chance I will have to take. People will either like me or they won't.... whether I say yes or no.

I give myself permission to be "less perfect".

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Anonymous said...

I LIKE it.. yes to less.. much better than "just say no". NOW will you STICK to that?
I also need to sit down and look at my goals for 2009. HOPefully we will keep each other on the right track. WE are IMPORTANT. our FAMILY is IMPORTANT. Both much more important than if a stranger or even a mere business associate "likes us".
I also tend to worry too much over if i am "liked" or not. I like ME and i like YOU.. so we are both "good to go"