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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Me! Me! Pick me! Days

One of the problems for me the past few years is that I've had so many missed opportunities because of quilting work committments. Missed opportunities cannot be gotten back and always make me feel so sad.

Now that I've made the choice to "say yes to less" I want to make myself a "sudden opportunity" list. Most people call this a "to do" list. Anytime I find a few extra minutes of time I'll choose one of the items of sudden opportunities. That's the reason for the Me! Me! Pick me! title. I can almost hear each of my projects begging to be the one I choose for that time.

Hopefully, as the year goes on, you'll see a far different approach to my organizing and using the "sudden opportunities" that come my way. I tried to describe them in this post but I'm finding it too difficult. It's better that I just show you along the way.

You can read about my "say yes to less" on the other blog.

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