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Saturday, December 20, 2008

What does a machine quilter do when the rush, rush, rush of the Christmas season has ended and she's not quite ready to hurry into organizing and cleaning? When she's not quite ready to do anything except relax for a day or two?

Well she puts together some of the organizing items and just takes it slow and easy. My thoughts are coming up with a plan of action for when the cleaning and organizing does begin.

I started with this cabinet. It's replacing the white cabinets I used in the kitchen last year. They were much too small for what I wanted them to hold. This one is much larger and is just right for holding canned goods. Well duh Anita.... this one is made for holding groceries and the white cabinets weren't.

Of course it comes in pieces that must be put together.

There are always a zillion little plastic pieces too.

In the end, it all comes together nicely. I still need to put the shelves inside; but, at the moment I'm deciding how far apart they should be placed. I feel the investment of $100 was worth it.

I really like the new size! I think I'm going to maybe get another one if I need the extra space. I'll use this one for awhile before deciding.

After an hour of putting that together and a whole day left; I try to think of something else to fill my lazy day. Lazy because I want it relxed and without any deadline to finish anything.
I think to myself..... now how can I do a better job of organizing the can goods within the cabinet? Rotating the oldest cans to the front and the newest ones to the back is always a hassle.
I also think to myself.... I don't want to put a lot of money into any cabinet organizing system just yet. I want to see what works and what doesn't before investing any more money. So I take this.....

and create these. TA DA!

These work just like the soda can organizers made for the refrigerator. The newest cans go in the top and the oldest ones come out the bottom. No more hassle of rotating cans when I shop for groceries. I'll paint them after I've made enough to fill the cabinet and see if they are sturdy enough to last a while. If... after I make several of these and find I still need more storage space; I will know I need another cabinet.
So what will I do today? I'm still not ready to start cleaning and organizing. I want at least one more day of no deadlines!


Anonymous said...

YOu are SO creative. I love the "can plan".. We will want a full report as to how it continues to work. And the pantry cabinet. NICEE.

now RELAX a bit MORE.


Bethany said...

How did you make the can holders? As a food storage junkie..those would be great!

And you have been cleaning and organizing so don't worry about it.

I'm spending today cleaning and organizing. You've inspired me to do a little more today.

Thanks for the boost.