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Saturday, December 6, 2008

What have I been up to?? Take a look. This one is done.

Flowers on the border. Line dance an inside border.

Loopy vine the next inside border. Line dance the pieced blocks.

Stitch in the ditch of the applique and meander the background down.

On to the pillow covers that go with the quilt from a few days ago.

Same designs as the quilt. Feather design in the solid blocks.

Leaves on the the pieced blocks.

A look from the back.

The solid blocks from the back.

The pieced blocks from the back.

The setting triangels from the back.

Hmm... what next? Oh yes, these 4 pillow covers.

The first one.

A look at the back.

The pieced block from the back.

The next one.

From the back.

The back also.

Another one.

From the back.

Also from the back.

The last pillow cover.

View from the back.

Care for one more view from the back?

Then there is this.... a table runner. The best picture is from while it's still on the machine. It's very long and narrow. Twelve inches by 100 inches.

Simple outline stitching around the block designs and holly design between the blocks.

Stitch in the ditch the borders and sashing then and more holly.

The table runner needs more quilting but I'm not sure what yet. Probably more holly. The borders are so small (1 1/2 inch) that it's difficult to come up with a design I can do really tiny. The sasing is only one inch wide and the holly is teeny. I can't do a lot of quilting because of the shrinkage during quilting. Heavy quilting creates shrinkage and its small enough already.
Still several quilts to do before xmas......


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