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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Feeling yucky

The last couple of days have been fairly productive despite me feeling yucky..... again. I finished piecing this quilt that had been promised for Christmas. A clothing memory quilt.

The top was pieced from both bought fabrics and clothing.

The top is lap sized.

I also finished piecing this one for the same person. Another memory quilt but this one is photos.

All the photos are the same size except the one in the center.

It got a 5 inch border added to make it larger. It's also a lap size.

Now the tops are waiting approval of the owner before the quilting can be done. I loaded this one on the machine and have it stabilized. I hope to finish most of the quilting today. This one is part of a group of quilts I promised to have done too.

The final phase of the xmas rush has begun. The next three weeks I'll be in my studio working with one goal in mind....... get em' done!

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