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Sunday, April 6, 2008

This is what I've been busy working on all week. A whole cloth quilt. This is the front.

The color is very vivid!

It's easier to see the design from the back. I used verigated thread on both the front and back. Quilted it upside down because it was easier to see a drawn design on the white than on the color of the top.

To see more pictures of this quilt you can click on my webshots link on the top of the side bar. Go to the April 2008 album.

The customer did not want any overall freehand type design nor did he want any "froo-froo" such as feathers. I learned a valuable lesson from doing this quilt. I will not do another one! Unless it is already marked and ready to go onto the machine. It's too time consuming to actually earn a living.

This quilt has put me way behind on the other tops waiting to be quilted. Hopefully this week I can get more accomplished. The bills need to get paid.

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