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Monday, April 7, 2008

I had Jewell sitting on the cutting table while I did some pinning. She was cooing and making happy sounds which I naturally had to investigate what had her so occupied.

It had to be this..... She starred at it and cooed at it. YUP, I think I have a future quilter.

I have a quilt on the machine that is going to take more than one day to finish. Not an overly large quilt but lots of small designs.

I tried going around the blog ring yesterday but the new changes are not very friendly. I liked it better when there was a members list to choose from. I could look at 5 or 6 and come back the next day to look at the next 5 or 6. The way it is now I must flip through the ring one at a time starting from the first one in the ring. It takes my computer 3 and a half minutes to simply go from one to the next without even reading. If I'm trying to get to blog member number 11.... that's more than 30 minutes just to get there. If I must flip through 60 or 70 members to get to the next one to be read.... I'll practically spend the whole day just getting to the right blog. It must be even harder for those who have dial up computers. Maybe ring surf should have listened to the saying...... if it ain't broke.... don't fix it!

So what do I do now? I can't spend hours getting to the next blog to read each morning. I can't bookmark all of the members on my computer. It may be just as hard for the other members to get to my blog too. I guess for now I'll have to stop reading and hope it is only temporary. Maybe if many people stop ring surfing.... the owners will take the hint and put it back the way it was.


jhwolf said...

I've never used a blog roll or anything else. I go to the list and pick and choose the ones I want to read. It is very quick to go through this way.

Judy in MO

Katie said...

Google Reader and NetNewsWire are blog readers that work really well.

Sweet P said...

Have you tried using bloglines? It's a great blog reader.

BTW, Jewell is getting so adorable. She will be a gorgeous young lady one day.