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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ok, I confess.... I played hooky from my studio for a few days. I went to Paducah. For 3 days! I couldn't tell anyone I was going away from home for a short vacation. Why? Because every time I tell someone I'm going to be gone; things come up to keep me at home instead.

Hmmm.... now I get to bore you to death with some really boring vacation pictures. Most of my time was spent just relaxing and enjoying myself. I had my camera with me. I was usually so busy relaxing and looking I would forget I had it. Then I would remember and say to myself.... oh, I forgot to take a picture.

This post is not about the quilts in the AQS show. It's about my time away from the stress of constant deadlines. If vacation pictures bore you, then please skip over this post. I'm writing this in my journal for me. So I can remember my time away..... on days when I feel very stressed and simply need a break. I will have this post to refer back to and remember.

So.... here we are on the highway. (We means my friend Maryann and me.) We are just a short distance from Paducah when we cross this bridge. I took the picture because I had never seen it before. It's funny how I've rode the bus to Paducah several times but..... never noticed this bridge. I thought we were on the wrong expressway. I probably never noticed it before because I always ride in the very back of the bus.

We got into Paducah, parked, and started our visit around town. It was sooooo quiet and peaceful! Even with thousands of people walking around shopping there was a calmness that really felt great. It would be a toss up between this town and chocolate as to which one is more soothing.

I wonder what this cow owner was thinking when he/she draped a quilt on her? You think it could have been the old time version of mobile advertising? You know what I mean? Like signs on the sides of buses and trucks these days? Hmmm.... my daughter says I need a cow that size. Maybe then I could stop asking her to pick up milk every time she comes over.

Hey look, a house related to mine! It and my house are the same width across. 12 feet. This one must be the taller cousin. It's got decorative tile all over the outside instead of wood like my house... but still.... there is surely a kinship between our houses. Hmmm.... I wonder if I can tile over wood clapboards? I think I'll take a second look at any tiles I find in my dumpster diving in the future. There is always a possibility...... look out art world.... my creative juices are itching to get my hands on some tiles.

I met several famous people in Paducah... even Superman! Superman invited us to spend the night in his hometown of Metropolis, Illinois at the Hotel next door to Harrah's Casino. He even let me gamble for a few minutes at the casino. Too bad I wasn't as lucky as Maryann. She came out a winner.... I lost.

I don't think Superman can hold a candle to Jamie Wallen and Renae Haddadin though. I needed to pick up information about the A1 machines. It was the highlight of my trip to get to see them again. I got to FINALLY hear the rest of the story about Jamie's house. It only took a year to get the opportunity to ask him to finish telling me about it. I felt proud when he said he told Patrick.... when he called.... that I was there in Paducah. Patrick handles things for Jamie when Jamie is out of town at shows. Both those young men are very interesting people. The artist in them shows in their conversations. I love talking to artists. I always sound so dumb though.

As usual, Renae was huddled at a machine concentrating on quilting. I got a close up look at her latest work..... and believe me..... it is truly awesome! I think she has a winner. It let's me know I shouldn't try entering contests any more. I wouldn't have a chance to win.

I could stand all day just watching either one of them stitch designs. My trouble is.... I can't resist stitching a design or two myself even though all I really want to do is watch and admire what they stitch on fabric. It's like standing and watching an artist paint in oils or sketch with pen and ink.... always mesmerizing. Always makes me want to pick up the tools and try too.

I did get to see the painted wall of Paducah this time. More art for me to admire. I walked only a short part of it. Gotta save something for the next visit. Even on this short walk I had to get up close so I could see small details.
See.... with a close up look there are many details to admire.

So after quite awhile looking at the wall... I went along my way... along this street... toward lowertown. Lowertown is where many of the local artists live. I was in mesmerizing delight as I wandered in and out of galleries. I never made it to Jenny Beyer's gallery. I spent too much time looking in the previous places.

Saturday it was time to make our way to the fabric adoption place.

Remember how I told you.... never touch or pet a fabric.... if you do, it will follow you home? Well, just look at all these people who can't resist adopting more fabrics. They try to hide by parking the buses behind the building.

It doesn't work though... they soon don't mind who sees them... there is a mad dash for the entrance to the fabric adoption center..... by the thousands!

Inside it's every quilter for them self as they shove and elbow through the crowds to the tables of fabrics waiting for adoption. See.... wall to wall people scrambling for just the right fabric to add to their stash. One poor husband..... wearing a t-shirt that said "she quilts, I cook" was holding the new pets as the wife searched and loaded his arms up.

The fabrics are adopted by the cart full.... like this.

Here is another person checking to see if she has adopted enough yet. Maybe she is folding it up so she can squeeze a few more into the cart to adopt.

Yup.... I think she managed to get a few more in there. Cardboard makes a handy upstairs to the cart. That's plenty of room for several more fabrics.

This was one of three carts for this lady. Her fabric stash must have needed to be replenished. Maybe she was out of reds.... or maybe it was florals. Either way, she has enough to last until next year's fabric adoptathon.

My first trip into this crowd I totally resisted the urge to pet a fabric. I went out with only one spool of Bottom Line thread for testing on my machine. Quite awhile later; I went back inside to check on Maryann. She was in there so long I got worried. Maybe she got knocked out by an elbow or got buried in an avalanche of fabrics.

Going back inside the adoption center was the WRONG thing to do! I was too confident I could resist adopting fabrics. I told Maryann I would help her find just the right piece of fabric to match one she already had. After a few minutes I told Maryann I HAD to get OUT of there..... before I had a cart like those others.

Even though I rushed out as fast as I could..... just look what followed me home. It's my own fault. I knew better than to touch a fabric! Maybe I need to take lessons from my sister in law who rarely buys more than absolutely needed for one quilt.

Well.... I couldn't adopt a bunch of fabric pets without adopting the right books to tell me how to ready my fabric pets for a show.... now could I? Inside these are the tips that will make my fabric pets a best of show winner someday. But... some of these are Christmas presents for my sister in law and my daughter in law.

So here we are on our way home. This is the last rest area before getting to Elizabeth town. About half way home. I always like when we stop here because the land this highway and rest area are built on used to be my grandparents farm. It was built right in the center of the farm. It's like visiting the old homestead when I get to stop here.

I did spend a lot of time just looking at quilts. I tried to figure out why some quilts won and some didn't. I still can't figure it out. To me, they were all winners. I still have this image in my head of judges standing there saying inny, minny, miney, moe. If I can't figure out what makes a winner..... I'll never create a winner. Opps! I shouldn't say that... never say never.

I saw some names on awesome quilts that should be watched in the future. Some amazing talents have found the usefulness of stitching quilts with sewing machines. One in particular is Claudia Clark Meyers. She is the lady who worked on a quilt with Marilyn Badger. I absolutely loved the quilt those two created.

Well I need to rest up from my vacation. Monday it's back to work again for me. One deadline is for Wednesday and one deadline is for Friday. Don't ya just hate the end of vacations?

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