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Monday, April 28, 2008

How do you win in big shows?

During my time at Paducah I spent lots of time just looking at quilts. Not to see what won and move on. I spent time studying them. Winners as well as losers. Looking at details. Looking at design. Looking at stitching. Looking at color combinations and fabric choices.

Before I go on.... take a look at some of the quilts I saw. I randomly put some of the pictures here for you to see. Some are textile art, some are appliqué, some are traditional pieced. Some have ribbons, some do not. Enjoy the eye candy and I'll see you at the end of this post.

So.... have you figured out why one quilt has a ribbon while another one next to it, equally as breathtaking, doesn't have a ribbon? Did you click on the pictures to get a larger view and take a closer look? I'm still trying to figure this judging thing out. It is a complete puzzle to me. Maybe if I think about it long enough I will come up with the answers and find the key to winning a "big show" ribbon some day.

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