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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I see quilting designs everywhere! Last night, just before the sun went down, I looked up at the sky.... this is what I saw.... doesn't it look like a rose? When I first saw it there was a pink tint in the sky which made it look like a pink rose. I was fascinated.... by the time I went to get the camera the pink color was gone... but the basic shape was still there.

I have a whole cloth quilt on the machine. I made the stencils and marked the whole thing myself. Now I'm quilting it. The design is simple but it's still taking much longer to finish than I had thought. I realize I don't want to accept any more whole cloth work. Unless the design is already marked ready to quilt or I can do an all over freehand design like feathers or meandering.

I've also been thinking about my quilting demonstration last weekend at the fabric store. It didn't go as I had planned. It's impossible to do a demonstration when the machine doesn't work. The shop owner is going to get another machine which will mean I can actually demonstrate machine quilting. Since I couldn't play around with the machine and show others what is possible.... I feel like I failed. I don't like that feeling at all! Hopefully, before my next scheduled demonstration there will be a new machine.

If she does get a better machine; I can plan much better demonstrations. Maybe even some actual classes. I think that would be great! To be able to help beginners learn some quilting designs. Maybe even put together some class packets...... ooooh the possibilities!

I may not be on the computer for the next few days. The whole cloth quilt and the horses quilts have me so far behind schedule that I must concentrate my time in the studio and off the computer in order to get caught up. I am also rethinking my daily schedule of household tasks. A new baby to care for each day throws the normal daily routine way out of whack. I think it's time I moved things around in my time box. Some things don't fit anymore. I need to find time to put things on my helpful hints blog again! I've neglected it long enough.

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