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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Snoopy Happy Dance!!

I will start with today’s finished quilt. Ok, this is really wierd!!! No buttons anywhere on blogger; can't add photos, can't highlight things...can't see a help button either. The quilt gremlins are playing with my computer...oh my goodness...I've got to get help from either AT&T or Blogger somehow. Well atleast I'm able to cut and paste from word to the blog. I'll do this then make some phone calls later today. Anyone else having trouble??

Yesterday seems to have been a great day in spite of all the frustrations. Please everyone take a look at my side bar at the bottom. Ain’t it purrrrdey?? It shows I’m part of the MQ Resource blog ring. Thank you to Suzanne for helping me. I looked in my email earlier and there are blog ring messages. Oh how exciting! I do think I will have to get an updated browser. Bellsouth has changed to AT&T so maybe they have a new version and I’m just not aware of it. For now I will mostly be a reader with an occasional message. When I get my browser updated I can be more of a participant.

I also joined the MQ Resource forum. I’m pretty sure I won’t be posting there very often. Forums are extremely scary things for me. I’ve only joined one other forum. It was the HGTV one. I made only one post and was so embarrassed by it afterwards that I vowed I would never join another one. For now; I will be a MQR forum read only member while I get used to how it works.

Now for the other good news:

Several of you may recall how much I’ve wanted to move from this area of Louisville? I finally gave up hope of moving. My house just won’t sell because people are moving away from this area instead of into it. There is also a lot of work to be done on this house before it would even begin to sell for a fair price. Without selling this house I can’t move. I had resigned myself to the fact that moving is not an option. I must make do with this place. I’ve been here for 25+ years so it’s not like I am new here.

My neighborhood has gone downhill for a number of years. As each government housing complex around the county got torn down, this area became the new projects; the new larger low income housing area. The displaced low income families had to go somewhere so they became renters in this area. Renters rarely care about a neighborhood because they don’t own part of it. Renters will stay for a year then move on. Only 7 houses out of 45 on this one block are lived in by owners. The rest are low income rentals or empty and boarded up.

Several months ago, I had heard some rumors of a revitalization program getting starting in this area which would put me in the perfect spot for either a low interest loan or grant to fix up my house. There is also the possibility of the city buying my house from me for the new bridge project if I am in that path. I had finally given up on those possibilities too and resigned myself to living just as I am. I had told myself to just stop stressing about moving and get on with the business of life.

Several of my customers read this blog as well as several of my internet quilting friends. The people who live here will know what I mean when I say the Old Phillip Morris Plant on Broadway. For those who don’t know about Louisville, it’s a cigarette factory that closed up several years ago and moved to another state. The building has been sitting empty for a good number of years. It’s located only a couple of blocks from my house. The old factory and grounds cover about a 4 square block area.

Last evening I happened to turn on the evening news. I rarely get the chance to watch the news because I work right through it. I see enough bad news by just sitting on my porch; I don’t need more from the tv. Anyway, after getting frustrated with my computer a second time for the day; I decided to go turn on the tv for a few minutes to calm down. The first thing I see is a ground breaking ceremony with the mayor and west end officials. Actually it was an ‘old factory being torn down to make room for something new’ ceremony. So it’s true!! The revitalization project rumors were true! The project will cover this whole area! And I’m living right near the center of it all! Yes, I’m that excited!

I had heard the helicopters flying around earlier but I just thought it was the normal looking for suspects stuff; didn’t think anymore about it. They were actually taking pictures of the ceremony from the news helicopter instead of looking for criminals. So now it will just be a matter of wait until the whole revitalization thing gets started. There is hope after all!

Well now….good new announced, it’s time for me to go reading some blogs and emails before work.


EileenKNY said...

That'll be great, Anita. Let the city help you, I'm sure you've been doing enough for the community for years. I have one question for you-your time stamp says you posted at 2:06am! Why in heaven's name are you up in the middle of the night???????????

jhwolf said...

Good for you Anita!! I'll pray that things work out as you hope.

Judy in MO

Suzanne Earley said...

I promise that the members of MQResource will not bite, and if any of them do, I'll give them the evil eye for you -- so don't be scared of posting, it's not that hard!