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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where was I?

I’m back…

Gee, I sure do hate being without a camera. My blogs just aren’t the same without pictures to go along with my story. I've been reading blogs in the ring as often as I could. I just haven't had the time to comment like we are supposed to do. I'll do better starting tomorrow.

The last few days have been a whirl wind of activity for me. I went back to the Nashville show. Yes, I know I said I would never go again. I ate my words and went back. The second trip was much, much nicer than the first one! I met Renea Haddadin, Marilyn Badger, and Jamie Wallen. All of them are major contest winners for machine quilting.

My poor furkids thought I deserted them the last few days. I should be cleaning up after them but I’m excited and I want to tell about it. I went to lunch with the “nice ladies” today. We first went to the Carnegie Art Center in New Albany, Indiana. The featured artist was Penny Sisto. Penny lives somewhere local to this area, I’m not sure where though.

Penny happened to be there talking to a group of school children so it was a special treat to hear her tell about her works. We had just gotten there and not had a chance to really look at anything. While listening to Penny talk, I happened to turn around to look in another direction at her works because I could get a better view. The tears started streaming. I couldn’t help it, I just started crying. I can’t even tell you why I cried.
I learned some very important artsy things while listening to Penny talk and then getting very close up to her work. Most people know my eyesight is not so good. Also, the dollar store glasses I wear are not the best. I need to get up really close in order to see the work. Most places won’t let you get really close. I usually see everything through a blur. It’s sort of like looking through a frosted window. You know something is there but you just can’t make out the details.

I found that art quilting does not have to be perfect like it does for a quilt contest. In traditional contest quilts all the pieces have to line up perfect and all the stitching has to be perfect. With art quilts the idea is to create a mood or a moment or a thought or whatever…. regardless of the way it is created. I think I’ve written about this before but today it really sunk in for me.

Penny said she can finish a wall quilt in from 4 hours to a couple of days. Good heavens, she would have a quilt completely finished before I could even find the right box containing the right fabrics. I’ve got to find the time to organize again!

I wanted to ask the nice ladies if we could ask Penny to have lunch with us. Before I could get the chance, another person interested in buying a piece of Penny’s work took her attention.

I rode with Emma to the thrift store looking for clothing made from fabrics I can use in some quilts. I have some ideas for art quilts so I picked out clothing with fabrics that will work in those pieces. I found one nice blouse that will fit me so I have to decide whether to wear it or cut it up.

All the clothing is in the washer right now in the hottest water I can get. I want everything to shrink or fade or whatever it’s going to do before I cut it up. I spent more than my budget says I should have spent. I have to be very careful shopping thrift stores just the same as shopping a regular fabric store. If I’m not careful; I will way over spend because I find so many nice fabrics. I’ll have to do the rob Peter to pay Paul shuffle for the next couple of weeks. The fabrics were worth it though. (smile)

So that’s it for an update. Tonight I will be cleaning the house really good. Tomorrow I will be back at the machine staying ahead of the waiting list.


Suzanne Earley said...

Hi Anita -- if you don't have time to comment, don't feel bad! I don't always ahve time to comment on every blog I read every day (I'd be here all day long!!!), but I try to comment every few posts as best I can.

We're just glad you've joined us and have given us someone else to read about and learn from!

Lynn Douglass said...

I'm so glad you had a good time at the show and got to meet Renae, Jamie, and Marylin, all friends of mine. They truly are wonderful people. I hope to get to see pictures of what you do with your thrift store goodies!