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Monday, August 13, 2007

Machine quilter blog ring

This morning it appears I no longer have to read and try to understand how to create a blog ring for machine quilters…..someone already started one. This is the site for where you can find the information. http://blog.saltcreekquiltco.com/

I’m sure glad one has been started!! I wasn’t all that keen on devoting the time necessary to run one. I knew there was a need; I just don’t know that much about computers.

I took my quilts to the fair Saturday. As usual I was finishing my entries up the night before they had to be dropped off. This year the show should be interesting. I took 6 quilts and there was another Estes dropping off 6 quilts at the same time. My customers are going to be confused by the name Estes on 12 quilts. They may wonder why I entered that many instead of completing their quilts.

I went to guild meeting Sunday. The drawings for everyone are done. I didn’t take all the work I had done on mine because I didn’t want the others to think they should have more done on theirs. I try to get as much of mine done before the Christmas rush gets into full swing so I always have much more finished than the rest of the group. During August through December I usually don’t do much piecing of my own.

I’m hoping to change that this year though. I was browsing through my fabric stash and pattern stash thinking of ways to get it better organized. I came across some patterns of things I really want to make but the organizing must be done first. A quilted coat is definitely on my agenda.

While looking through all my quilting stuff I was trying to think about how much time I want to devote to the different types of quilt work I do. It occurred to me that the best way to get good organizing perspective on quilt plans is to list them. Give it a try. You will see what I mean. Here is my hurried up list for this morning.

Art quilts – I love the art part of quilting! I really want to make some for the galleries that keep asking me to make some. How many? It should be at least 6.

Charity quilts – 5 for the nursing home, 5 for the women’s shelter, and 5 for the homeless men.

Contest quilts – one or two for MQS and MQX then one for Paducah and one for Nashville. Yes, I want to try for those shows even though I’ve not tried before.

Machine quilting for customers – always a heavy schedule!

Charity quilts for auction – Art for the animals, Farnsley Moorman House, the Mayor, and a couple of others have requested an art quilt that can be auctioned. Not a traditional pieced quilt but large art pieces.

Quilts for the grandkids – I have 16 ½ grandkids and 4 great-grandkids. I haven’t made one for them in several years.

Custom made clothing quilts – I can never know how many I will be commissioned to do in this area. Last year I did 35 custom made clothing quilts.

Gee, looking at it all written here sure lets me know where I have gone wrong. Listing everything sure puts it into a different perspective doesn’t it? No way can I do all this work! No wonder
I was feeling overwhelmed and complaining I didn’t have a life.

Ok, I’ve worked myself into a panic mode writing it all down. It’s time for me to go do some machine quilting while I think of which to eliminate and which to keep on the agenda.


EileenKNY said...

I hope you'll join Suzanne's blog ring. Hey-even if you don't, whoever reads you now will still read you and that includes me.
16 1/2 grandkids!!! I love it!
I've wanted to ask, what kind of art quilts do you do? I'm just starting to put my toes in the water with art quilting.

Liz in Calgary said...

Just cause your list is long doesn't mean you have to take anything off - just prioritize the ones you want to do right away!