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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Still not working right

I've upgraded everything I can possibly find on my computer and on blogger. I did the browser update thing this morning. I'm told I have the latest update already. Does anyone have any other suggestions for things I might try in order to get this fixed?

The buttons for adding pictures and other features like adding links are still gone. I can't even see a 'help' button or clickable word anymore. I guess I won't be able to post pictures for awhile. Am I the only one on blogger having problems?? Is there a limited amount we can post to blogger before we are cut off like this? Is there another place other than dashboard for upgrading to a newer version? I'll try any suggestions.

Does anyone other than me see the little tools on my side bar? What do they mean?

If I don't find a solution for the problems, I'm going to send my computer to the puter doctor the end of this month. (Again!!) Maybe the doctor can diagnose what the problem is and fix it for me. The computer doctor bills are starting to really eat up my budget. I'm not sure this journal thing is going to be worth keeping up.

Ok, I'm ending this post so I can go search some more places for answers and read a few blogs before starting my work day.

UPDATE: Right now I am trying an experiment. I am on my lap top computer creating this message. On here I see all the buttons that are "supposed" to be here. So the problem must be with my regulare computer. Now I can see that the problem is with the regular computer so it will be going to the puter doctor. I don't have any pictures on the lap top. I can't test out that for now. I think I will try another experiment with the regular computer to see if reinstalling my browser software helps.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I downloaded foxfire web browser to my computer. Now all the buttons I lost before are back. I'm not sure it is all the buttons I should have but at least these are back.

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