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Thursday, July 5, 2007

My computer does not like me anymore

Ok, just when I get used to working with something on the computer it all gets changed around! Without notice! Buttons that used to be there for clicking have disappeared. New computer jubberish has taken the place of the photos. Do these people sit around all day scheming to make life misserable for the rest of us?

I have pictures to share, several pictures in fact. But when I load them into blogger all I get is computer jibberish; no photos. I need to see the photos in order to type up a description.

I did check the blogger help line to see if they are working on the problem. Yes, there is a notice posted that they are aware of it and are in the process of making improvements.

So.... until blogger is fixed I can't send pictures and it may become difficult to create a post. I will do what I can and catch up when the changes to blogger have been fixed.

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Sweet P said...

I see you Anita! I guess blogger has been fixed.