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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Charity quilts?

Have you been wondering what I’ve done this week? Here are the pictures from this week….

Ok, blogger is still not letting me move the pictures around as before. It has all this html jibberish instead of pictures so there isn't any way for me to know for sure which one is which. The last of the five memory quilts are finished and gone. There is a pink whole cloth quilt brought to me to quilt after it was already bound. There are pictures of the hugs and kisses quilt I am making for the fair. It is on the machine right now. There is a customer quilt top I finished.

Friday I managed to find time between quilts for phoning financial planners. I can never figure out if they are planners or advisors. Anyway, I stayed on the phone half the day; most said “so you’re a quilter, nice hobby” or something similar. I did find the perfect planner for my daughter. I’m anxious to see how those two will work together.

Three of the planners talked with me a long time by phone. All three of them said the same thing…. Stay where I am for now. Fix up the house first. Save money for a down payment to move.

Even if people were buying houses in this area; my house would not sell in its present condition. This week I will be calling to get estimates on repairing the damage to the exterior and then vinyl siding. I do hate paying for estimates though. I believe estimates should be free.

The overhead lights in my studio have quit working. I replaced the bulbs but it seems the ballast has gone bad in both so they need to be replaced. This limits the hours I can work to only daylight hours for now. Calls to electricians for estimates on electrical work are going to be done this week too. This means more payments for estimates. There goes the savings again….

I’ve been asked by Farnsley-Moorman Landing to create an art/pictorial quilt they can auction next spring during the Mayor’s Derby Brunch. Actually, I’ve been asked by six different charities if I would donate an art/pictorial quilt for them to auction.

This is very flattering and certainly would get me recognition around this area. There are a lot of important people attending these auctions. Many of them could become potential customers in the future.

I had to really think hard about all the requests for charity quilts though. Giving to charity is something I do regularly. I work it into my budget. I have my favorite charity the same as other people do. So… if I were giving cash instead of art quilts would I donate to those charities? Hmmm….If I convert the hours needed to create an art quilt into income dollars then add the cost of fabrics and utilities; no, I can’t afford to give that much of my income to six different charities. Charity does not keep a roof over my head or food on the table. Phone calls to say NO are in order this week too.

Now that these decisions have been made I think its time to get off the computer and get ready for a day of shopping. If I don’t buy groceries I won’t be eating. My daughter will be here in about an hour, got to get my shopping list together.

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