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Friday, July 6, 2007

Filing of paperwork started

I hope the pictures show up for the readers of my blog. I think the count down is at 29. As you can see from the first two pictures; I need more practice on my backtracking over stitching. On the front it looks pretty good but on the back with a contrasting thread it is awful. A close up picture really shows up the bad stitching. The first two pictures are the back of the red log cabin with stars quilt.

I opened my front door and stood on the porch this morning about 4 am to listen to the birds sing and see what the weather is like. I do this almost every morning waiting for the coffee to brew and before I sit down at the computer. Anyway, there is this boy about 12 or 13 running up and down the street with his pants and underwear down around his knees. He was saying something I couldn’t hear very well and his friends are on the porch across the street just laughing away. He spots me and says “oh, hi” and continues to go up and down the street showing his birthday suit. Definitely NOT what I wanted to see at anytime let alone at 4 am! I shut the door and went to the computer.

I think the problems of the email have been solved. Blogger is still working on the problems of adding photos. I can add them but I can’t be sure of where to put the descriptions while composing an entry.

My brother brought me the rest of the things of my mother from the storage bin. I spent an afternoon going through all the papers. Shredded most but I also found some family pictures. These were truly a treasure because some were baby pictures of myself I didn’t know about.

My grandson from Alaska is finally going home! I love him but he has out stayed in welcome and its time for him to go. I bought the plane ticket yesterday and he leaves Tuesday morning. I will need a few days to recover from his visit.

I haven’t gotten around to making an appointment with a financial planner yet. I’ve had too many other things to deal with the last few days. When I sit down to talk with someone about money I want a clear head and as little stress as possible.

The next day after going through my mother’s papers; I took a day to go through some of my own papers. I only worked on the business papers; personal papers can wait for awhile. I have everything sorted by month for last year. I didn’t realize until I started sorting that I hadn’t done any filing last year at all. I just wrote everything in a notebook then tossed the papers into a shoe box. This is not good for a person who likes to be well organized.

I’m going to post pictures and ideas about how to prevent paperwork pile up as soon as I find a solution that will work for me. I have to give it some thought. Maybe by the time I figure out a great organizing solution blogger will have worked out its problems too.

Ok, time to get off the computer and get to work. My SIL will be here this morning for another day of quilting. I need to get done as much as I can before she arrives.