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Monday, July 9, 2007

No finishes today

No finishes today. I put a quilt on the machine Saturday and haven’t finished it yet. It is getting a lot of quilting.

We had our guild meeting yesterday. It went pretty well I think. Before going to the meeting; I took the time to type up some research I had done about how to create a prize winning quilt. Hints like bindings should be filled and the best way to add a hanging sleeve. Maybe I was being too pushy by taking this on as a project but someone had to do it. The group invites new members when a member quits. The new person has no idea what the objective of the group is and no one seemed to want to take the time to explain….except one thing…that we are trying to win a quilt contest.

In my opinion, there is far more to it than just creating a quilt to enter. The group must become a team the same way any team works together; just like being on a baseball team or a soccer team. The quilts must become eight parts of a whole and work together. No one can join a team without at least being told what the game is about and how it works. I hope no one took offense at me taking that initiative. But…. Someone had to do it.

I picked out a few fabrics for my quilt and so did a couple of other people. I have not only this quilt to finish by spring but also 3 other pictorial quilts to have finished at about the same time for charity auctions. I have to finish quilts to enter into MQX and MQS in the spring too. The Christmas rush has started already. As the saying goes… Christmas in July. I’m looking forward to finishing up in time for me to actually enjoy Christmas with my family this year.

Ok, time to go to work again. I can’t finish that quilt until I get in there and do it….

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