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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Why is this happening?????

Well, I just spent over an hour on the phone with Bellsouth – AT&T’s technical support trying to figure out why my email is bouncing back to me all of a sudden. I can’t seem to send any email to any of the lists. Not the stashbuster list, not the Gammill owners list, and especially the Shortcuts list.

The lady told me that obviously the servers on the other end are not accepting email from anyone with Bellsouth  or ATT as the sending server. She said I should contact the shortcuts server to have them add Bellsouth to their list of ok recipients. I asked her how I could contact the server if all my email is bouncing back. So she looks up a phone number for someplace in Canada for me to call. Sorry, but my long distance bill is high enough, thank you!

I’m starting to get an inferiority complex with my email going to so many spam folders and now getting bounced back to me as… oh what did the mail say… oh yes, it was called ‘remote address spoofing’.

She had me delete everything in my sent mail folder. Stuff I really wanted to keep. Then she had me delete everything in the trash folder; surprise, nothing there anyway. Then she had me delete all my email messages I wanted to keep to contact the senders at a later time. So then my email is completely empty of everything I want to keep. She has me send an email to myself to see if it bounces. DUH! Bellsouth is not going to reject mail from its own senders.

Then she tells me that I should open the attachment that came with the rejection message. She said I needed it or it would not have been sent to me. Huh? I thought unknown email attachments were a bad thing? Well I click on the attachment to open it but it just beeps at me and says “sorry, wrong URL”….. now what is that supposed to mean? She doesn’t know.

This is happening with both the regular computer and the lap top. Neither one can send out an email that is not bounced back to me. I’m beginning to wonder about my computer man. I have all this security software loaded onto my computer; yet, I still have these problems? Come on, something is wrong somewhere.

Ok, until I can get this all figured out I will have to just communicate through the blog…. Or at least until it starts rejecting me too. With all the rejections lately I’m really starting to feel sooooo unwanted and unloved.

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