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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Its been a week already?

It’s been a whole week since I posted a message? Wow time is flying by. It seems like only yesterday it was January but now it's June. I know there were a couple of people worried about me. I’m sorry to cause anyone to worry but at the same time I’ve very grateful to have friends who really care. It means a lot to me.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I had trouble with getting into blogger. So I kind of left the computer alone to let blogger do whatever it was doing and get things straight before attempting to log on again.

Last Sunday, I went to teach a lady how to work with this machine.

I had a really nice time and she paid for breakfast; a real country breakfast from Cracker Barrel. I was so stuffed when we left the restaurant. I really hope I was helpful to her. I am not sure so I will try to call and check on her progress one day this week.

On Monday I went to a meeting with my mother’s doctors at the nursing home regarding her care. We discussed options about a sore on her foot. She’s diabetic and is very slow to heal. They have tried some new type thing with medicated beads. It seems to be working so they plan to continue with another set of the beads.

On Tuesday I finished the quilting on this one.

The other half.

Wednesday I had some branches cut from the trees that were sitting on my roof. I helped clean up the stuff after everything was cut apart. Here are a couple of before and after pictures.

A view from the side of the house.

See how they touch the roof?

Look at what a difference it made.

I want to show you a picture of the newest visitor to our neighborhood. Look carefully on the left side of the tree trunk.

I think she is mad at me for cutting the branches off the larger trees, just look how she took out her anger on my house!

Just kidding, I think she is after termites. I do get termite treatments on a regular basis. I’ve been paying a yearly fee for about 25 years or so. I guess they had better come check this out because the treatments apparently aren’t working.

Thursday I did the quilting on this one.  This is the right side.

This is the left side.

Friday, my grandson arrived here from Alaska by way of New Orleans. He got stranded in New Orleans without any money and I had to spend a lot of time on the phone making arrangements to get him here. He will be staying here for awhile. I hope he is able to find work really quick.

And; yesterday I started the piecing on this one.

Today, my daughter, my grandson, and I spent the whole day just visiting with each other. It has been about 3 or 4 years since he was here last time.

Ok, that's about it for this past week. I got a bunch of emails I haven't answered and some phone calls to make. I think I'm at 43 and counting down??

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Angie said...

I LOVE that churn dash you're quilting right now!! I really should just jump in and start piecing me one...every time I see a churn dash, I just drool over it. So simple, but to me so lovely in its simplicity. BTW, that is a cute, cute house. :)