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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This is Tuesday?

This is Monday's finish.

The other half.

I also finished piecing this top together on Saturday. I’m still working on the borders which will have letters in it to spell out the customer’s name.

The stars create a display of the photos.

This is how many leader and ender pieces I sewed together while trying to make that quilt top. I was constantly taking something apart and doing it over because I wasn’t happy with the way it looked. Maybe I’m just being too much of a perfectionist.

The pieces I used for the leader and ender blocks came in this plastic bag as a gift from an internet friend. Hi Riea! (wave, wave) I just want her to know that what she sent me is actually being used, not just sitting in a drawer.

I have an idea for another 8 to 2 quilt design. I have someone coming over on Thursday for a day of piecing lessons. I think this would be a great project to try out. If the technique works to create the design (the way I vision it) I will post pictures of the steps on Friday or Saturday.

I finally thought of a name for my technique until a better name comes along. I will call them the 8 to what quilts. If anyone has any suggestions for another name please let me know.

On another subject --- A few days ago someone in another state sent me an email asking if I could help her get organized which is why I wrote a post about how I got myself organized. Then I get another email from the same person saying their stuff was piled up in every room and ready to topple over and create a disaster. She needed to get it all organized in one week. I replied that it sounded like they needed a house clean up more than quick organizing.

I hope I didn’t offend her by what I wrote. I meant it in the kindest way. My daughter pointed out that the person may have thought I was referring to their house keeping. Not at all! So just in case that person is still reading my blog I will explain a little more.

In every organizing show, book, website, or whatever; the first thing that is to be done is a clean out all the stuff to be organized. Boxes are brought in to sort through the home owners stuff. There are boxes for charity, boxes for moving stuff to other rooms, boxes for sorting in all kinds of ways, and plenty of trash bags for tossing stuff. One tv show even has the people take “everything” outside to an area in the yard for sorting.

The point is that cleaning out unwanted items and boxing up everything else just sort of gets the ball rolling toward organizing it. Once all the stuff is sorted and boxed and stored out of the way; it is then just a matter of finding the right organizing tool, hook, bin, box, basket, drawer, cabinet, etc. etc. etc. to put it all back into a workable order.

When everything is boxed up and out of the way it is much easier to take measurements of floor space where a new storage unit could go. Or measure the height from floor to ceiling where some shelves might be put on a wall. You see the picture? With stuff out of the way you can freely move about to reorganize – one box at a time. Each box is brought back and the stuff is put into its new space.

Some people swear by someone called fly lady? She seems to be the internet guru of home organizing. I don’t know anything about her so I can’t say one way or the other if her suggestions work.

39 and counting down

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EileenKNY said...

No offense taken, Anita.
I'm working on it.
What do these 822 quilts look like?