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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another finish

Here’s today’s finish, 38 and counting down.

The other half.

I went to the Happy Heart Guild meeting yesterday evening. I’m inspired and ready to start the challenge! We are supposed to have our finished drawings and some of our chosen fabrics at the next meeting.

Of course I couldn’t resist buying something while there. It is very hard for me to get to fabric stores to “just look” at what is new and available for quilting. I don’t own a car so when I’m there for a meeting I try to quickly see if there is any gidget or gadget new to try.

I bought a magazine and a couple of transfer pencils. The pencils are for a friend in Indianapolis who is looking for them. I’ll try to mail them out today.

I’m kind of worried about my time off for a few weeks. I don’t plan to quit all together. I will still be making custom quilts from scratch so I can keep a roof over my head. I believe the only way to improve my quilting business is to take the time necessary. I have 5 new software programs that require studying and playing around with in order to use them.

One software package is for my bookkeeping. That’s the one I will start with so I can use it for creating my new business plans. Naturally; with any bookkeeping it requires an inventory list and taking inventory. Yuck! I have done them plenty of times but I still hate inventory time. For those who don’t know….doing a machine quilting business inventory is tedious and confusing. For example; how do I inventory a partial spool of thread? Or; how do I value the stitching designs I create myself solely for my customer quilts? If I were to buy a single pantograph stitching design it can cost anywhere from $10 up to about $35 each. So how do I value one I create myself and put it into stock? It is part of my inventory which has a value and at the same time I did not spend money for it.

Why would I need an inventory you say; other than for tax reasons? Hmmm…. It is shown on a business plan as equity. The more business equity I own the better my business looks on paper.

Along with all the new software to learn and a business plan to write there is also my own need for a good house clean up myself! I plan to go ahead and give my kids the family treasures so I can see them enjoy the things while I still live. I don’t want something to happen to me and never know if the kids fight over the treasures or not. I’m also going to finish up my quilters will so the kids know what to do with all my quilt stuff. Not one of them is interested in quilting and I know them well enough to know all my stuff would end up either in a thrift store or in the trash. Heaven forbid!! These things are not a pleasant task either but oh so necessary while we are still here. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone and after we are gone it is too late.

Ok I guess I better get off the computer and start my days work. My SIL will be here later so I need to finish what machine quilting I can before then. I also need to start getting ready for Thursday too. I’m writing out the plans for the new 8 to what quilt top. I hope it works as well as I believe it will. Later…..

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EileenKNY said...

I've never heard of a quilter's will. Other than who to leave fabrci to, what's in it?